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Unleash the creative power of the crowd!

Brands: Tap into the collective creative power of the crowd to solve your marketing challenges.

From product innovation to campaign ideas, packaging or video content, our community delivers a high volume of fresh, creative ideas that are sharpened by a team of professionals.

eYeka는 저희에게 깊은 사고에서 나온 양질의 아이디어와 함께 우리 광고팀의 자극제가 되어 준다.

Nathalie Abrahamian Danone Dairy 중국 지사 마케팅 & R&D 디렉터
<strong>Brands: </strong> Tap into the collective creative power of the crowd to solve your marketing challenges.

Creators: Express your creativity, practice your skills, experiment, have fun and become a star!

Participate into creative competitions launched by the biggest brands to solve their marketing and communication challenges and win big cash prizes.

eYeka는 모두에게 열려 있는 문입니다. 누구나 대기업 앞에서 자신의 가치를 선보일 수 있는 기회고요.

Narx 2013년 부터 회원 Powder Beverage 패키징 콘테스트 1등(패키징)

How does it work?

It all starts with a creative competition

eYeka teams up with brands to turn any marketing or communication challenge into an engaging creative competition, with cash prizes for eYeka creators to participate in.

Creators submit their best entries

Creators choose the competition where they feel they can make a difference, and submit their response. We review all submissions to help creators do their best.

eYeka turns creators’ contributions into an actionable solution

From strategic planning to creative direction, we select and transform creators’ submissions into a solution brands can easily adopt.

Brands share feedback and award the winners

Brands select the best idea or content to award the winners. In the past 6 months, they awarded more than 200 creators from 44 countries!

They have successfully worked with eYeka

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