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Raise awareness of elderly people and their relatives about malnutrition

2016년 11월 13일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Some elderly people think that having less appetite and less strength is normal after 60 years old. They think that eating less is normal since they have less physical activity. Yet these symptoms (having less appetite, feeling less strong, walking slowly, losing weight) are signs of frailty and could be linked to malnutrition. While seniors don’t really pay attention to these symptoms, they are very important to notice as they might lead to more serious problems, and particularly to progressively losing their autonomy.

Families and caregivers in general have a big role to play, as they might be the ones who notice changes in the behavior of elderly people close to them. Nutricia provides medical nutrition solutions that helps supplement the needs of malnourished people, in addition to common nutrition. It’s sold in pharmacies, after it’s been prescribed by physicians. Pharmacists are the key people to go to when looking for advice on malnutrition.

Nutricia is looking for a way to raise awareness about malnutrition and convince people who might suffer from it or their relatives that they should talk to their pharmacist about how they feel. The pharmacist can then help them find solutions.

Make elderly people or their relatives realize they may suffer from malnutrition and encourage them to take action

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