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How do you make syrup modern and exciting for families?

2016년 11월 06일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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What does your family drink at home? Soda? Juices? Water? French families have the habit of drinking syrup. Not familiar with syrup? It’s concentrated fruit extract with sugar in big bottle to be diluted in cold still or sparkling water. It’s a very traditional drink for kids and for adults, and most French families have a bottle of syrup in the kitchen cupboard. It comes in different flavors: grenadine mint, lemon, strawberry etc. Syrup serves as great refreshment – it makes water appealing to kids (less boring) and you can control the dosage yourself from the sweetest to the less sweet. 

Teisseire is an emblematic French syrup brand and today, they need your help to reinvent the ideal syrup experience at home and make it more desirable. Teisseire wants to explore ways to make syrup more exciting for families at home! We’d like you to think beyond the product itself, more about the ritual of drinking it.

Rejuvenate syrup by inventing a totally new and exciting experience at home for families! 

Format : Visuals and answers to questions (2 pages max).