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eÿeka 익스프레스

Re-design Karicare Toddler’s packaging to instantly convince mums that it’s both very gentle on little tummies and packed with nutritional benefits.

2016년 12월 11일 (일)에 공모전 마감
그래픽 디자인 - 일러스트레이션 - 라벨 & 패키지 디자인

Karicare Toddler is a powdered milk brand for toddlers aged 1-3 years. The brand talks to ‘Carefree’ and ‘Easy Going’ mothers who go for recommended brands and ones which give them reassurance that they’ve made the right choice when it comes to powdered milk drink. The current packaging design of Karicare Toddler is not properly communicating and reassuring mothers of 1-3 year olds that it is a gentle and nutritionally packed powdered milk drink for their toddlers. Karicare Toddler is all about providing Gentle Nutrition to toddlers to help them feel good inside. Make the packaging graphics do the talking and reassure mums of their product choice.

Create a new packaging design for Karicare Toddler which reassures mothers about its gentleness and nutritional value.

Format: A presentation with visual and text – Maximum one page per entry as per template.