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Envision a digitally enhanced luxury customer journey!

2016년 11월 16일 (수)에 공모전 마감
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Luxury stores can be different from other stores. They have prestigious locations; they are elegant and designed to match the brand’s image. Visitors sometimes go there for window-shopping to experience the luxury environment. For those who have the chance to buy, it is important to understand that they expect more than just the product itself. In the past few years, digitalization has been used a lot to improve the retail experience and enrich the customer journey, especially in luxury stores.

We want to envision what a digitally enhanced consumer journey in luxury stores looks like. We’re looking for new ideas from the consumer’s point of view to reach new frontiers and produce an exceptional physical shopping experience. Can you help to design this future luxury shopping experience? How would you digitalize luxury stores?

Use digital interaction solutions to make the luxury shopping experience more exciting !

Format : 2-page PDF with visuals and texts