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How can screens in the future help me be more in control and make the most of my life?

Imagine new ways that screens in future can help people be more in control and make the most of their life and embrace opportunities.

Two pages presentation with images and text. (PDF only)


Samsung Samsung

We want to thank you all for your great contributions over the past months and for your enthusiasm and interest in the Samsung contest. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas and it’s been great sharing and developing these with the wider business.


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MacRone #1등 상금
MacRone 124,140 창의력 점수
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  • Script Writing

#1 Prize of 3,000€

We loved this idea and think it has great potential as more and more people go freelance/start working from home. We particularly liked the idea of turning the TV from a white elephant to a useful object for professionals.

msalomon #2등 상금
msalomon 1,629,000 창의력 점수
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#2 Prize of 1,500€


Мы считаем, эта идея имеет огромный потенциал. Он использует множество технологий и является инсайтом о будущем развлечений.

progresstina #3등 상금
progresstina 229,230 창의력 점수
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#3 Prize of 500€


Эта идея сможет помочь людям, чтобы "контролировать свою жизнь". Нам понравился тот факт, что решение дает контроль, а также поможет людям улучшить свои навыки финансового планирования.


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