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Help Chudo find the best story about inspiring warmth among modern families!

Propose a new Communication Idea about Chudo inspiring family warmth in a script/storyboard for an emotional and memorable TVC.

PDF with visuals and texts (maximum 4 pages). 

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Chudo Pepsico

A big thank you to all the participants of this contest for your warm stories! We really enjoyed going through them! Congratulations to the winners!  

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sebastian_42 #1등 상금
sebastian_42 0 창의력 점수
  • 동영상
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • Script Writing

#1 Prize of 3,000€

Thank you for your lovely story! It brings a smile to our face and we absolutely love it because it shows how Chudo connects family members together.

marijaocokoljic #2등 상금
marijaocokoljic 40,420 창의력 점수
  • 그래픽 디자인
  • 일러스트레이션
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • Script Writing

#2 Prize of 1,500€

We love the big idea of your story. You have spotted the essence of our brand and we hope to bring it further!

remake1990 #3등 상금
remake1990 101,500 창의력 점수
  • 동영상
  • 일러스트레이션
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • Script Writing

#3 Prize of 500€

Thank you for your participation! We really like your idea and it inspired us so much. Congratulations!


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