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Help Chudo find the best story about inspiring warmth among modern families!

2016년 12월 21일 (수)에 공모전 마감
창의적인 글쓰기 - Script Writing

Family is the one place where everyone loves, supports and cares about each other no matter what. Families spend quality time together talking about small and trivial things, celebrate even the small achievements in life, do simple things to relax and play together, praise and encourage each other… 

Chudo, a №1 diary brand in Russia which loved by all Russian families, and it has been communicating “Care of the loved ones” inspiring family warmth. The TVCs have worked very well for Chudo but created a rather passive involvement therefore now the brand is looking for a creative idea for next TVCs to communicate how the Brand inspires family warmth in a new, more powerful and emotional way. It wants to create a strong resonance with modern families. 

Can you help them to tell an emotional and memorable story? 

Propose a new Communication/Big Idea rooted in the Brand purpose. Create a script/storyboard for an emotional and memorable TVC based on the proposed Idea. Note that we are not looking for a single TV execution. It is important that the Idea which you propose for Chudo is campaignable.  

FORMAT: PDF with visuals and texts (maximum 4 pages)