Partner with People for a Better Life 3일 남았음

How can Protection & Savings insurance become a delightful experience?

3일 남았음
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There is always some point in your life where you will need insurance solutions. Insurance companies are here to help people understand their needs and life projects and find the right solution for them. They should be partners.

The reality today is often perceived differently. Insurance companies are, most of the time, considered as only good for paying out, not to partner with. People go to them only when they have a problem to solve, or a bad event is happening in their life. People do not think about Protection – they only do so when they are experiencing major problems – at which point they say “I should have been more protected”, but it is often too late. Protection matters, it is a way to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

People also complain about insurance companies. They say the contracts are complex, that terms & conditions are unclear and that whenever they need them, insurers will try to find a reason for not covering them. Insurance is boring too. Insurance products are not things people buy with pleasure.

Our client wants to invent a new type of insurance solution. They want to become partners with people! There is no reason why companies that are so useful to people should not be loved like other brands.

Imagine the ideal experience that an insurance company could offer to make Protection & Savings insurance so easy and delightful?

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