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Imagine a mobility solution for members of a coliving residence in 2030!

Create an innovative solution for members of a coliving residence in 2030, which will allow them to share the costs and chores of their short term mobility needs with likeminded people, as well as increase joy and flexibility in their lives.

Presentation with illustrations and text, max. 4 pages in a PDF.

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Thank you to everyone for all of your great ideas! This was a very complex challenge, so we really appreciated your thoughts!


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#1 Prize of 3,500€

Thank you for compiling this brief. It was an interesting problem to try and answer.

This was an extremely unique concept with very good attention to detail. We were very inspired by your perspective on this challenge. Great work!

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#2 Prize of 1,500€

This concept was a well-rounded idea that was presented in an engaging way. Thanks for the idea!

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#3 Prize of 1,000€

This concept was very well thought through -- great attention to detail, and good solution to the challenge. Thanks so much!


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