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Revolutionize the inkjet printing experience!

2017년 02월 15일 (수)에 공모전 마감
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Do you own an inkjet printer? It is great for both home and office to help people create high quality documents and photos fast and easily. In the past, there have been some feature upgrades on Ink Jet printer, but no actual revolutionary breakthrough in the printing experience. From purchasing the printer, the setup, installing the software, printing different types of documents or pictures, maybe sharing with friends and family, enjoying the fun of printing activities, to replacing ink, recycling old ink boxes, trying to find out the problem when it doesn’t function properly, calling service center…

Printers don’t surprise consumers any more. That’s why most people buy Ink Jet printers only to replace their old one or broken one, but not to upgrade their printer to have better experience.

Now a brand wants to redefine the future experience of inkjet printers and give consumers what they desire. They want to find out what an inkjet printer can do to delight consumers. Can you help?

Shape the future of inkjet printing by designing a new printing experience!

Format: Visual + text on the 1st page, answer three questions on the 2nd page. 2 pages max.