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The magic of first times, every time, with IDEAL

2017년 04월 17일 (월)에 공모전 마감
일러스트레이션 - Script Writing

IDEAL evaporated milk from NESTLÉ (also called “CARNATION” in some countries) is a dairy cooking milk made from high quality local fresh milk which gives a remarkable, smooth and creamy taste to both savory and sweet dishes.  

It is often perceived by the younger moms as the “traditional” product of their mothers or their grandmothers. That’s what the brand is willing to change: resolutely modernize the brand and make moms use IDEAL evaporated milk as a modern cooking aid giving each time an unparalleled velvety sensation. IDEAL wants to encourage young moms to use it in many dishes: spaghetti carbonara, creamy mushroom chicken, puree, apple flan...imagination is the limit!  

Through a story board or an illustrated script for a 60-seconds TV commercial, show moms that IDEAL’s evaporated milk brings the magic of first times to their busy lives!

Format: illustrated script (4 pages max.)