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Achieve instant fairness with Fair & Lovely face wash

2017년 03월 12일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Fairness is a big aspirational benefit for women in Asia, especially India. Fair & Lovely is the biggest multi-vitamin fairness cream brand for women in India. The brand also has a face-wash on the market given its strong associations with fairness. But so far, the face wash has not been able to achieve a spot on women’s bathroom shelves. 15 to 25 year old women in India value beauty more than ever, as they are entering new stages of their lives, but do not see any clear added benefits of using a face wash, and are content with using their regular bar soaps to wash their face. To justify the higher price of Fair and Lovely face wash and motivate women to switch to Fair & Lovely face wash from soaps, the brand wants to communicate the benefit of ‘instant fairness’ after using the face wash.

Can you help with bringing this benefit to life in your own unique way?

Through an eye-catching poster with a tagline, convince women who use bar soap to switch to Fair & Lovely face wash as it gives them instant fairness without much effort.