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Reinvent the way intense cooling can be shown for CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol!

2017년 04월 10일 (월)에 공모전 마감
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CLEAR is a popular anti-dandruff shampoo available globally. Its Ice Cool Menthol variant includes the menthol ingredient and hence provides not only long-lasting anti-dandruff protection, but also a sensation of all-day intense cooling and freshness.

Many products provide the benefit of cooling, but they usually portray it in a typical and clichéd way - there will be cubes of ice, splashes of ice-cold water, mint leaves and the usual, expected visual depictions. Cooling is usually depicted in a passive way, showing a person looking cool/refreshed after being in the sun or exercising.

CLEAR would like you to break from all the visual conventions and clichés of showing cooling for their Ice Cool Menthol shampoo. In addition, the variant currently appeals mostly to men. We want you to add in a feminine twist. Show the benefit of intense cooling for a dandruff-free scalp in a softer, feminine way with more beauty cues.

Show us creative ways to visualize the benefit of intense cooling to have a dandruff-free scalp for CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol shampoo in a feminine way, which breaks from all the clichés.