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Create a range of cold ready-to-drink coffee beverage for an afternoon break!

2017년 05월 02일 (화)에 공모전 마감
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We are sure you’ve known these moments in the afternoons when you just need to take a break from sleepiness, stress or anxiety? Or even for just having a pause for 10 or 15 minutes, to pamper yourself, cheer you up and come back to your day with a better self, because you deserve it.

Coffee shops are a great place to be for such moments. You enter one of these cozy and modern places, choose from a large variety of coffee beverages with ingredients coming from different regions, have your name written on the cup, and enjoy some sweet time all by yourself or maybe sharing this moment with your friends. However, not everyone has a coffee shop nearby, or has the time to go to coffee shop in a busy afternoon. They still desire this break with a sweet milk-based coffee.

Another option for them is to go to a nearby convenience store, grab a bottle of cold coffee beverage. There are already some ready to drink coffee products in the market. They are cold, with creamy texture given by the milk and a sweet coffee aroma. However, we feel that although they are pleasurable drinks, they don’t replace the coffee shop experience, they all look the same, and offer the same flavors too.

We’d like to invent a new range of cold and sweet, ready-to-drink, milk based coffee that people will love. Can you help?

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