Food meets mobility 공모전이 마감되었습니다.

Imagine how we will interact with food in 2050.

2017년 05월 21일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Eating and mobility have always been very close to each other. For many of us, food is the number one reason to visit new destinations. And we schedule our daily routines and plan routes around eating. 

As technology evolves, the future of food and mobility will continue to change in exciting ways. In the future, autonomous vehicles will be ubiquitous, and self-driving cars, trucks, drones, buses, and boats will keep regions running 24/7.  

How will trends in autonomous vehicles and dining converge?

Our sponsor, a research and innovation company, invites you to imagine how future mobility solutions will elevate the whole dining experience to make it more social, engaging and meaningful. Can you help?

Imagine a novel, engaging and social eating experience enabled by autonomous vehicles in 2050.

Format: Presentation with illustrations and answers to the mandatory questions.