Olay - Start Today 18일 남았음

Convince young women to try OLAY through an engaging social media post!

18일 남았음
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Generally, today’s 20 & 30 year olds do not obsess about their skin’s future. It’s partly because the intensity of their daily life keeps them focused on the next 24 hours (only), and it’s partly because they aren’t afraid of the future. However, as with the rest of their body, they respect their skin and accept the need to take care of it to nourish their skin so it is healthy and in good condition every day.

Olay, a leading & trusted international skincare brand, knows that nourishing skin isn’t enough against the powerful sun, cloudy or not. That’s why Olay provides a wide range of skin care products with SPF to help women protect their skin from the sun, the #1 cause of premature skin aging.

However, most young women associate Olay with their mothers, and its tagline “Ageless” with Anti-Aging focused on reversing the signs of aging vs viewing Olay as a brand that can minimize the signs of aging before they are visible. In fact, Olay is made for Millennials precisely because it nourishes & protects their skin, so they can focus on what’s important to them each day.

In an original and engaging 6’’ GIF, cinemagraph, or poster social post, convince young women that the Olay SPF range is made for them, and they should try one today.

Format: GIF (6 seconds max.), cinemagraph or poster

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