NESPRESSO 3D shopwindow design 6일 남았음

Design the NESPRESSO boutique window for its new ice cold coffee

6일 남았음
그래픽 디자인 - 일러스트레이션

If you are a coffee aficionado, you probably know NESPRESSO, and it’s quite possible that you appreciate a cold espresso coffee when it is hot outside. In fact, cold coffee is becoming more trendy. “Iced coffee” and “Cold brew” score high on key word searches on the Internet, and the cold coffee market, is expanding significantly.

In 2017 NESPRESSO is launching two new limited edition coffees that have been specifically created to be consumed cold, building on the recipe promoted in 2016.

Could you help design a NESPRESSO On Ice boutique window that surprises passersby from the sidewalk?   

Create a daring, surprising and luxurious 3D window design concept for NESPRESSO On Ice.  

Format: A presentation of a 3D window display design that integrates a table (140 width x70 depth x 80 height cm) with answers to the 3 questions. Optional: A mood-board to show the creative source of inspiration.

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