Tide: whiteness redefined 4일 남았음

Make bright white laundry meaningful & interesting again

4일 남았음
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Have you noticed how laundry brands often use boring product demonstrations to prove their product is the best at cleaning and whitening? Or, every brand shows the same bright whites socks as proof that it works?  It’s true that achieving impeccable, bright whites is one of laundry’s biggest challenges.  It seems that communicating whiteness in a creative and interesting way is also one of the biggest challenges! 

Please help Tide find a creative, interesting way to show the impact that bright white laundry has on your everyday life. 

Create a poster for Tide that redefines whiteness in laundry so it’s more creatively interesting, meaningful and appealing to Mums.

Format: A poster with a tagline, including an explanation of the idea.

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