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Help BIC Shave Club communicate the revolution it brings to men’s shaving

2017년 07월 24일 (월)에 공모전 마감
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BIC is an iconic brand that offers a large range of products for everyone, everywhere. BIC exists to make people’s lives easier and allow them to get more out of them through simple and high quality products at a fair price. BIC is bringing a new revolution to simplify men’s shaving in Europe: the BIC Shave Club.

BIC Shave Club is a direct to consumer, online-only, shaving subscription service. This new offer will shake up men’s shaving habits and change the experience they have when shopping for razor and razor blades.

BIC Shave Club’s challenge is to create a campaign that is as revolutionary as its product. Can you help?

The challenge is to create an original poster to promote the BIC Shave Club to 35 year old men. We want to dramatize the benefits the solution brings to their lives.

Format: Poster