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Create visuals to help differentiate a revolutionary new foam conditioner

2017년 08월 27일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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A leading company which makes hair-care products is all set to launch a revolutionary new scalp-friendly rinse-off conditioner in the form of foam. What makes it revolutionary is not just it’s foam factor but also its ability to be applied on hair tips as well as scalp. Unlike other hair conditioners, foam conditioner can be applied directly to the hair scalp to give bouncy hair with added volume. Hair feels light and grease-free after rinsing it off. The problem is that it looks like styling mousse and is confused with a leave on product. We’d like your help with creative visuals to help differentiate it from other products and communicate its benefits.

Create disruptive visuals for a revolutionary new scalp-friendly rinse-off foam conditioner to differentiate it from leave on styling products, shampoo and other conditioners.

Format: 2 posters with tagline – 2 pages