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Visually bring to life the Kotex sanitary pad’s unique benefit of being a ‘wearless’ pad

Show us disruptive ways to visualize the Kotex wearless pad’s benefit of being the best fit, making you feel as though you are not wearing a pad at all.

Poster with product name – Maximum 1 page per entry.

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Kotex Kimberly clark

Thanks everyone for your active participation. We received a number of ideas within a short span of time. The quality of ideas were very relevant and aligned to the brief. Look forward to using this platform for similar asks on the brand in the future.

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#1 Prize of 1,500€

I loved working on this brief, really had to bring myself out of my ‘own skin’ and jump into a woman’s body for a female perspective
Thanks Kotex & eYeka

Clearly captures the benefit of Wearless and the visualisation fit with stockings and just like a second skin is apt.

xaviles #2등 상금
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#2 Prize of 600€

Clearly captures the benefit of conforming to one's body and the visualisation fit with stockings and 'all shape' is apt.

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#3 Prize of 400€

This visualisation of jigsaw and aligning it to the pad and fit with body as a perfect fit.


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