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Help Nutella spread positivity in families!

Imagine how Nutella can spread the positive energy in families during one of the following two occasions: summer time or back-to-school.

PDF with visuals and text (3 pages max).

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Nutella Ferrero

Thank you everyone for your participation. Your ideas are very interesting and inspiring in making nutella more and more a love brand.

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lacky1975 #1등 상금
lacky1975 1,249,720 창의력 점수
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  • Script Writing

Memorize your summer memories."공모전 #1등 상금 3,000€

Thank you for this great idea, it gives new life to our nutella jar in a very personal way for the consumers.

meliguerry #2등 상금
meliguerry 17,530 창의력 점수
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  • Photography

Nutella will be your guide for the holidays !공모전 #2등 상금 1,500€

Thank you for this idea, for our consumers it is a way to put together their passions: nutella and trips.

msalomon #3등 상금
msalomon 1,086,940 창의력 점수
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  • Photography

Stamp It공모전 #3등 상금 500€

Thank you for this idea, a new inspiring way to say what you want with nutella.


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