Shopping for luxury “Back-Stage” make-up 4일 남았음

Reinvent the way women shop for a Backstage inspired make-up brand.

4일 남았음
일러스트레이션 - 창의적인 글쓰기

Make-up has become part of every girl and woman’s routine. It is a way to express your feelings, your personality or your style. Based on what you want to communicate to others, you will make-up differently.

This contest is about a new brand that wants to attract women with a new make-up range of products. This new French Beauty brand will soon be launched globally. This brand, that we’ll call “Back-Stage Couture” (the real name will not be disclosed for this contest), is a luxury brand, extension of a Couture activity. The creative director of this brand is a make-up artist who invents the products and oversees the models’ looks for the fashion shows.  As such, the products this artist designs (lipsticks, mascaras, correctors, accessories etc.) are used by professionals for such events.  

Get inspired by the back-stage environment to imagine what happens when a woman shops for make-up products. 

Format: Four pages with illustrations and text, PDF 

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