Hair Conditioner Innovation 8일 남았음
eYeka 익스프레스

Invent a breakthrough new hair conditioner for Indian women

8일 남았음
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Hair conditioners are not widely used by Indian women. Their daily hair care routine involves oiling their hair - both pre and post hair wash - and using shampoos. The job of conditioning and detangling hair post hair-wash is done by hair oils and they don’t see a need to invest in an additional product like hair conditioners. Additionally, even when women have experimented with hair conditioners, they feel the product hasn't come off completely due to the smoother hair texture post rinsing. This leads to more time and water required to rinse off conditioners in a country like India where there is widespread water scarcity. Indian summers are also quite harsh and humid which makes women feel their hair has become even more greasier after using conditioners. A big consumer products company would like to disrupt the Indian market with a breakthrough new hair conditioner. They want to tap into your creative and innovative minds to invent a new hair conditioner to appeal to Indian women and their unique needs. 

Invent a breakthrough new hair conditioner which appeals to the unique needs of Indian women through its innovative format, benefits, and ways to use.

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