Etisalat – Telecom store of the future 3일 남았음
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Show us what Etisalat’s Telecom store of the future will look like!

3일 남았음
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Etisalat (  is one of the largest telecom providers in the UAE and their vision is to drive the digital future to empower societies. They provide services such as paper-less registration, taking pre-appointments to avoid the long ques in store, product displays on multi-screen in stores, smart-sim vending machines amongst others. With further digitalization and advent of artificial intelligence, Etisalat wants to have more innovations in their smart stores and create a truly digital-centric future. They would like to create futuristic and innovative stores which will enhance the retail store experience to make it more impressive, convenient and smart. Etisalat wants to tap into your creative and innovative minds to tell them what the telecom store of the future will be like. Up for the challenge?

Show us how Etisalat’s Telecom store of the future can provide innovative and breakthrough services to make the customer experience impressive, convenient and smart

Format: Presentation with store design/visuals and text – Maximum 3 pages per entry

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