A New Disruptive Cheese Brand & Experience For Millennials 공모전이 마감되었습니다.

Invent a breakthrough cheese brand to delight millennials and offer an alternative cheese experience!

2018년 02월 12일 (월)에 공모전 마감
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Wherever you go around the globe, you can find cheese.  Cheese offers a great pleasurable experience. It is a natural source of calcium and proteins and also a fulfilling food to be enjoyed at different moments of the day. That is why most cultures have adopted cheese, but it seems the younger generation eats cheese less often, and it is no longer part of their everyday routine.

Indeed, when you ask them about cheese, they say they do not eat cheese because it does not really fit their lifestyle or that cheese does not delight them fully. Millennials are looking for trustworthy brand values they can relate to. They feel that current cheese brands are too industrial and belong to their parents’ generation. They want to take care of their body & health with healthy solutions, but they consider cheese as too fat. They are more attracted to brands that do not only sell products, but also take them on an experience...

This is the challenge all cheese makers are facing nowadays. Our client is one of the leading cheese makers in France. They offer a large range of cheese products and they are willing to create a disruptive brand to delight millennials, whether it is made of dairy milk or something completely different!

Change the relationship millennials have with cheese! Invent a breakthrough brand to delight millennials and offer an alternative cheese experience!

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