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Reinvent instore makeup experience for an expert, trendy & cool new brand.

2018년 02월 07일 (수)에 공모전 마감
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Did you ever have an awesome experience in any store that you would never forget about? Be it a store of a tech, fashion, beauty brand or a retailer. 

With more new brands entering the market, more distribution channels and more ways to directly interact with consumers and trigger purchase, just the brand name and great products cannot intrigue consumers anymore. Now, a new luxury cosmetic brand would like to challenge the in-store experience of beauty brands, and completely reinvent how consumers interact with make-up products and brands. 

Can you help? Don’t worry if you do not know much about the beauty world. Ask some questions to your family or friends, you might be able to design something we’ve never seen before! 

Invent the premium make-up concept store of tomorrow to ramp up the “wow” for Make-up addicts. 

FORMAT: Presentation with illustrations and text, max 2 pages.