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Help us save the planet, reducing toothpaste packaging all over the world!

2018년 02월 18일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Toothpastes are an overpackaged product, usually sold in a tube plus an outer carton. The outer carton helps to protect the toothpaste and makes it stand out on shelf, but most people throw it away as soon as they start using the toothpaste.

Nowadays, consumers are more and more conscious about brands and their impact to the society and the planet. And they actually read labels to find out  which products are kinder to the body and the environment. They are also more likely to read articles about brands with a conscience and talk about them on social media. They are fully aware and follow the recent debate around plastics, and they love brands who are making bold steps towards reducing or recycling plastic packaging. However, they will not sacrifice quality or convenience for the promise of a lower environmental footprint.

Currently, consumers are looking for toothpaste with less packaging, but there aren’t many on the market. Design a sustainable packaging solution for toothpaste to help save the planet!

Presentation with text and visuals – 3 pages max. (see template)