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Imagine the next generation of garden hose storage solution !

2018년 05월 21일 (월)에 공모전 마감
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Gardening means something different to everyone. A haven for relaxation or nature. A source of pride and reward, watching as your garden takes shape as the seasons go by. Watering your garden is a crucial element for a green and healthy garden.

We are all familiar with PVC hoses, the classic “garden hose” which you can roll up by hand, put on a reel or cart, or that automatically retracts into an enclosed wall mounted case.

Hozelock Superhoze is the latest innovation brought to gardeners that is more flexible, lightweight and easy to use. This “new generation” garden hose is made from innovative fabrics and materials, which allow it to expand and retract giving the user the freedom to easily manoeuvre their hose around the garden without kinks or tangles.

These alternative hose do not behave or store away in the same way that a PVC hose would. Hozelock are looking for your creativity to imagine the next big thing in storage for garden hoses. Can you help?

Create an innovative solution for gardeners looking for a fuss free storage of their new generation garden hose! 

Format: 2 pages presentation, on page 1, visual description of your idea, on page 2, describe and explain the thinking behind your concept.