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Invent a new hygiene brand!

2018년 05월 10일 (목)에 공모전 마감
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We all learn about the importance of hygiene at an early age. It is about keeping our home, ourselves and our family clean by protecting us from dirt, germs and pollution. Many hygiene products help to remove what is not welcome at home, not only unsightly dirt but infectious germs that can adversely affect families’ health. We also look for solutions outside the home, to provide the same protection for us and our families when we’re out and about, in the office, while commuting or playing with children in the park.

Our sponsor would like to develop a new, differentiated ‘clean’ hygiene brand proposition offering hygiene products for consumers who care about the health and safety of their families. The products will be sold on e-commerce platforms, as most people that are looking for hygiene solutions do a lot of research and buy hygiene products online. Current markets in scope are markets like China, The UK and France where people are well educated about the importance of hygiene.

Can you help?

Invent a clean hygiene brand for the health of people, their families, and the planet.

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