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Invent a new Asian food product!

2018년 05월 18일 (금)에 공모전 마감
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When it comes to food preparation, the Dutch are not known for their cooking skills. A lot of them prefer easy to prepare meals that can be cooked in 25 -30 minutes and that don’t require fancy cooking skills or an extensive ingredient list.

Conimex already has a wide product range, and is still the leading authentic brand for Asian cooking in The Netherlands. In order to keep consumers excited about Conimex, they are looking for new ideas of easy to cook, real Asian dishes for people who are not experienced cooks. These new products will inspire them to try cooking something new and authentic without spending much time and effort in the kitchen.  Can you help?  

Design the next Conimex food product to help non-experienced cooks prepare interesting and authentic Asian dishes.

Format: Presentation with visuals and text, 2 pages (see template).