Crédit du Maroc: future bank branch 17일 남았음

Create a perfect bank branch experience that is 100% human and 100% digital!

17일 남았음
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Founded in 1929, Crédit du Maroc is one of the leading banks in Morocco today. It is famous for addressing the needs of working people and entrepreneurs, notable families of the country and businesses with international operational activities.

In 2016 Crédit du Maroc began a profound transformation through a reshape of the physical distribution network and the launch of several digital transformation projects such as the remote banking platform in order to become the bank that accompanies its customers in every aspect of their lives by 2020, as Crédit du Maroc is the "100% human, 100% digital” bank.

Crédit du Maroc needs your help to rethink its branches to offer its customers a simple, transparent and fluid experience combining the best of both worlds: Human and Digital.

Can you help?

Create a place with a warm welcome and value-added services, combining the best of human relationships and digital tools, to better satisfy the customers of Crédit du Maroc bank.

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