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Reinvent the way of communicating about dandruff to millennials!

2018년 07월 17일 (화)에 공모전 마감
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Dandruff can be an annoying and embarrassing problem independent of gender, age or location. Nearly 50% of people worldwide suffer from it and no one enjoys having white flakes cover their shoulders and experiencing an itchy, dry scalp.

CLEAR is a major global anti-dandruff shampoo brand, and since 1979, has been helping men and women deal with dandruff and scalp problems. It gives them confidence and allows them to take on life with nothing to hide. 

However, the way that shampoo brands communicate and visualize dandruff has not changed for years and does not always resonate with millennials. Whilst shampoo brands focus on the problem, millennials would rather focus on how to best experience life. Can you help CLEAR find a new way to communicate about dandruff to millennials?

Format: Poster and Tagline

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