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Design a new, iconic cocktail using Anisette Ricard that encapsulates Provence in a glass and entices urban thirtysomethings.

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The RICARD brand is a genuine French institution: a popular brand known for its pastis and its promotional items. Invented by Paul Ricard in 1932, Pastis de Marseille is a classic that says “South of France” and “holidays” to those who drink it. Its effusive, authentic yet straightforward personality makes it a universal favourite for pre-dinner drinks.

However, RICARD has struggled to win over the younger generations, who prefer drinks considered more contemporary and "easier to drink" by virtue of their lower alcohol content, and whose image is less conservative. With young consumers tending to dismiss aniseed liqueurs as "old people's drinks” and the preserve of the elderly, the brand is looking to revamp itself.

As part of this strategy, RICARD plans to launch a new product: Anisette Ricard. It’s a reworked and updated version of Anisette that was sold in the 1950s. It reshapes the brand’s formula and that of its aniseed liqueurs: lower in alcohol, it’s served as a cocktail in a large wine glass, generously topped up with carbonated water and ice, for a sparkling, refreshing drink that conveys the distinctive flavour of Provence.

We're currently fermenting an idea for an Anisette Ricard cocktail, but need your creative input to help us decide what should go into such an iconic drink reflecting what modern Provencal is all about. Think you can help?

Format: presentation in English or in French

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