Volkswagen after-sales services 3일 남았음
eÿeka 익스프레스

Add a human element to the after-sales journey to WOW Volkswagen customers.

3일 남았음
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Buying a new car can be a very exciting yet sometimes stressful experience. After long time and efforts spent on choosing the best one we want to make sure we have done the right choice as it will affect our life for years to come. And even after signing the deal the stress and doubts do not end, as new challenges appear.

If you have ever bought a new car from in a dealer center, you know how difficult it might be to wait for it to arrive as well as then take it through the first maintenance service a year after. 

Volkswagen "people's car" was founded to provide reliable mobility solutions accessible to all. Today Volkswagen wants your help to imagine a totally new after-sales service that will delight its customers and turn them into loyal fans. Can you help?

Imagine a breakthrough after-sales service that will WOW Volkswagen customers with its human and personalized experience. 


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