Future of Allergy relief 10일 남았음

How can emerging technologies reinvent nasal allergy treatment?

10일 남았음
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Nasal allergies can be very bothersome for sufferers. Sneezing, a runny nose or itchy nose and throat, breathing difficulties as well as itchy watery eyes are some of the symptoms they  suffer from daily. The lucky ones experience it only during “pollen” season, while others have to cope with nasal allergies every time there is animal hair, dust or mold or other invisible threats in the air.

Our Sponsor would like to harness emerging technologies to offer game-changing personalized & holistic solutions to help improve the life of people who suffer from nasal allergies. Can you help?

Invent the future of nasal allergy relief by creating a breakthrough tech-enabled solution to predict, manage or treat nasal allergies.

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