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Reinvent breastfeeding to make it more joyful and burden-free for mothers!

2018년 12월 07일 (금)에 공모전 마감
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Many people agree that breastfeeding can be the best gift a mother can give to her child. Mother’s milk provides all the nutrients and protective elements that a baby needs to grow healthy and strong. Breastfeeding benefits go beyond the baby – it is also a wonderful gift for a mother. It protects her from some illnesses but also helps to develop very strong bonds with her child.

Our sponsor, a brand of moms and baby products, wants to support mothers who want to provide their babies with breast milk while not being the one restrained by breastfeeding.  Can you look into the future and completely reinvent breastfeeding to bring more joy and happiness to breastfeeding moms and their partners?

Look into the future and invent a breakthrough breastfeeding solution to alleviate mom’s burden and increase her enjoyment during the breastfeeding period while the baby can still enjoy her nutritious breast milk!

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