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Invent a new Fanta drink or pack that will excite teens!

Create a new Fanta drink for teens that will offer new taste and fun experience!

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Fanta Coca-cola

We were amazed by the speed and creativity of the community. Within 2 weeks you provided us with more than 110 ideas responding to the brief. Ideas were all well detailed.

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M-say #1등 상금
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#1 Prize of 1,000€

Thanks for the wonderful and interesting contest! I really hope that the teenagers will fall in love with this idea and enjoy it always and everywhere! :)

Even though quite simple we really liked the creativity and surprise aspect of the idea.

jamesdesign #2등 상금
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#2 Prize of 750€

Really enjoyed this brief, i love fanta and would love it if this idea is brought to market!

We really liked the innovativeness, the idea really inspired a new concept that was developed.

nedvaabn #3등 상금
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#3 Prize of 500€

Idea is really in trend and inspired an idea which had been lying around at Fanta for a while. 



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