PepsiCo Healthier-Perceived Snacks 10일 남았음

Convince people to recharge with healthier-perceived snacks during their breaks!

10일 남았음
일러스트레이션 - 창의적인 글쓰기

For a long time snacks were considered as a guilty pleasure that did not match with healthy eating habits and with control over your diet. At the same time ‘healthy’ snacks were the opposite of pleasure and did not provide taste and indulgence.

Fortunately, we now have the best of both worlds – healthier-perceived snacks that are based on natural and healthy ingredients without any compromise on taste and pleasure, and that look less industrialized, almost like homemade. These are guilt free products that allow consumers to keep control over their diet and their bodies, which provide great flavor and pleasure.

In Latin America 56% of consumers say that they are trying to lose weight, and the main way to do so is to change consumption habits to healthier options. PepsiCo – the producer of Twistos, Natuchips and Sunbites snack brands - needs your help to find the best ways to convince consumers in Latin America to consume these snacks during their next recharge break. Can you help?

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