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Create innovative products and services for Enfa maternity platform that will delight and support women during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

2019년 02월 08일 (금)에 공모전 마감
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Pregnancy and the first months after the birth of a baby are truly one of the most special periods in a woman’s life. Her body is constantly changing together with her lifestyle, mood and habits, all while she is discovering her new self – this time in the role of a mother. It is a magical period when new life is developing inside her and life is filling up with new meaning and joy. Healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, rest and good care during these months are crucial for both the mom and her baby’s health.

However, this is also a very hard time: a young mother is facing so many physical and emotional challenges.

The sponsor of this contest is Enfa – the infant & children nutrition brand, which now wants to support pregnant and breastfeeding moms with global nutritional solutions to ensure healthy fetal & baby development.

Enfa needs your help to create new products and services that will address pain points and delight women, making their pregnancy and breastfeeding months a happy and joyful time.  

Can you help?

Invent new products and services that will delight pregnant and breastfeeding moms and let them enjoy the special time with their babies.

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