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Find new solutions to create a circular IKEA

Invent new solutions that will contribute to IKEA’s circular economy plan, so that people can enjoy their home to the fullest in a more responsible way while having a minimal impact on the planet and on their finances.

Presentations based on Easy Submissions 

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A big thank you to all contestants for your participation in this challenging project. We received many great ideas and thus we had a some hard times in selecting the winners. 
It was great to feel your enthusiasm for this topic. 
We enjoyed the reading as much as all of you will have enjoyed the creative writing. 
Thank you for your contribution!

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anahernandeznieto #1등 상금
anahernandeznieto 40,890 창의력 점수
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DS61357_for_C11627공모전 #1등 상금 1,500€

Great and very complete idea. Responds very well to the challenge IKEA is looking for. Creative and pragmatic. Also well designed,clear and comprehensive. Congrats!

saramisdgomes #2등 상금
saramisdgomes 118,070 창의력 점수
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DS62287_for_C11627공모전 #2등 상금 500€

I am so happy for this prize, thank you very much. Working Ikea is for
itself a great creative challenge but working for this client in a project
that is based on the reuse of objects was really important and has such a
meaning to me. It's about people behavior and changing some habbits that
can turn the world a better place to live. Thank you for giving me the
chance to do it.

A very warm idea, perfectly matching what people feel that is important in today's society. 
Probably not very new or unique, since IKEA already uses storytelling in their communications, BUT this is about personal human stories which makes it even more attractive. It helps IKEA to move away from the image of standardized, impersonal furniture. Many thanks for your great contribution!

Giacomosca #3등 상금
Giacomosca 25,480 창의력 점수
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DS62162_for_C11627공모전 #3등 상금 250€

Creativity pays off. Well designed idea, creative, fun and very relevant for IKEA. Spot-on for IKEA as enabler in the Circular Economy. 
We've seen more of the same ideas in this contest, but this one is the best. 



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