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Help premium juices brand Rich stand out on shelf with your unique graphic design.

Wow us with your modern and unique graphic design for Rich juices to express its premium quality and taste.

Graphic design based on the provided packshots (PET 0.3 L and Carton 1L pack for Orange flavor) + text explanations. Templates are available in the toolkit. 

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Rich Coca-cola

thank you very much for your time, passion and effort! 
we do appreciate your dedication and creativity.

thank you very much!

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gaboolencina #1등 상금
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#1 Prize of 2,500€

you managed to keep it bold, simple and elegant. thank you.

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#2 Prize of 1,500€

you put it simple and bold, but keep the juiciness and the beauty of the fruit. thank you.

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#3 Prize of 500€

you brought the joy to the pack and make it festive and happy.



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