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Create a truly innovative sales concept and consumer experience for Ready-to-Drink coffees!

Develop a new and innovative sales concept and consumer experience for RTD coffee!

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Thanks everyone for your hard work and very interesting proposals. It was a very close race, so it was actually difficult for us to choose only 3 winners too.

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thomasgrimer #1등 상금
thomasgrimer 1,276,830 창의력 점수
  • 그래픽 디자인
  • 일러스트레이션
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • 라벨 & 패키지 디자인

DS90057_for_C11787공모전 #1등 상금 3,000€

We loved that this idea creates a new point of contact in expanding the brand's every day life domains.

igkam #2등 상금
igkam 94,520 창의력 점수
  • 일러스트레이션
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • Photography
  • Script Writing

DS91412_for_C11787공모전 #2등 상금 1,000€

We liked it because it is a proposal with a view of replacing regular“transportation” with a“living space”.

millertim #3등 상금
millertim 476,600 창의력 점수
  • 그래픽 디자인
  • 일러스트레이션
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • 라벨 & 패키지 디자인
  • Photography
  • Script Writing

DS92567_for_C11787공모전 #3등 상금 500€

We liked this idea because it increases the awareness of recycling and can be used as part of our Environmental, Social, and Governance.


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  • mhfrois 순위 1 mhfrois 1,229,700 창의력 점수
  • igkam 순위 2 igkam 94,520 창의력 점수
  • millertim 순위 3 millertim 476,600 창의력 점수


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