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Create a truly innovative sales concept and consumer experience for Ready-to-Drink coffees!

2019년 07월 18일 (목)에 공모전 마감
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*”RTD coffee” refers to all packaged (canned, bottled, etc.) liquid coffee designed to be consumed when opened without additional steps. Take-out coffee from cafes or coffeehouses is not included.

All across the globe, people love their coffee. Whether it is early in the day during their breakfast, consumed on the go or as part of an afternoon break at the office, this treasured revitalizing drink helps people relax, curb their hunger, stay alert, or just have something to drink during the day. … There is always a good occasion to drink coffee!

Today, our sponsor, one of the most popular RTD coffee brands, needs your help. The brand has a competitive product offer in terms of taste, quality and value, but it needs some genuine innovation. The brand needs you to find innovative and new ways to buy and experience RTD coffee!

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