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Create mobility solutions for citizens willing to embrace a more human and sustainable lifestyle in urban micro worlds!

2019년 11월 13일 (수)에 공모전 마감
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Living in town brings lots of benefits, but the urban lifestyle also caries lots of elements that impact quality of life of people: stress, pollution, tension, busyness, etc. More and more urban citizens are aware of that and are willing to embrace a more human and sustainable way of living. As people can’t just leave the city and settle outside, more and more urban citizens decide to make significant changes to their lifestyle.

In order to regain control, they tend to reduce the perimeter around them by shopping locally, commuting differently and adopting new usages that would improve their quality of life and lesser their impact on the environment. This generates micro worlds within the cities where everything is easily accessible. More than just proximity, these hubs bring together people who share the same values and a certain pride for the micro world they have built and live in.

Our client is a car manufacturer, they understand how the trend of micro worlds will shift the mobility of people and the use of cars in cities. They need your creativity to foresee and imagine future mobility solutions fitting the trend of urban micro worlds, can you help?

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