A post Covid-19 world 공모전이 마감되었습니다.

Help your favourite brands prepare for the “new normal” and create a better future in a post Covid-19 world!

2020년 04월 28일 (화)에 공모전 마감
일러스트레이션 - 창의적인 글쓰기

Across the world, countries and people are forced to take (pre)cautionary measures due to the current Coronavirus crisis. As governments respond in unison to what the World Health Organisation (WHO) has labelled a global pandemic; many people (likely yourselves included) are being confined at home with restricted social contact as we fight to flatten the curve.

Whilst the situation is still very volatile, the current reality has sparked a lot of day-dreaming about when things will go back to “normal” – and some debate over what “normal” will look like. It’s likely that even post-lockdown, a slow ‘re-integration scenario’ is likely – where we will be encouraged (if not still expected in some measure) to keep respecting the rules of social distancing, both in our work and our play-time.

Just like you and me, the brands we know and love are also being forced to think about the future. They’re wondering what will the new reality look like and what could this mean for their brand, for their company and employees, for their products and/or services, and for their customers.

Possibly now more than ever before they need your help.

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