New theme and flavours for Shapes’ snacks! 공모전이 마감되었습니다.
eÿeka 익스프레스

Come up with exciting ranges of theme and flavours for Shapes’ snacks that will bring fun to your snacking occasions!

2020년 05월 03일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Snacking is a pleasure we allow ourselves to have regardless of our age! It’s universal and intergenerational. From peanuts to almonds, chips to salty crackers or biscuits, it is very hard to resist to any of them. When we are walking down the snack aisles of the supermarket, we see many types of snack foods, and even if we have our habits, we can’t say no to that range of fun, new and exciting biscuits.

Our sponsor, Arnott’s, is the owner of the Shapes brand, a well-known and loved brand of flavoured biscuits in Australia. “Flavoured biscuit” is a unique type of snack and has been around for decades! They are most famous for their BBQ and Pizza flavours, among others and they are a highly appreciated alternative to chips across generations.

Arnott’s Shapes wants people to enjoy their snacking occasions, whether it’s afternoon or evening time, and to continuously bring new themes and flavours to their biscuits. And this is exactly where they need your help! For their iconic Shapes’ biscuits, they want to find fun, exciting and new ideas of themes and their associated flavours. Can you help them do that?

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