CINI MINIS – pursuing pleasure beyond the bowl 약 15시간 남았음

Help CINI MINIS soak up some crazy fun Gen Z culture for a new campaign!

약 15시간 남았음
그래픽 디자인 - 일러스트레이션

CINI MINIS, a breakfast cereal from NESTLE, are crunchy little squares with cinnamon you can see and crunch you can hear. This crazy amount of cinnamon and crunch has fueled a brand story that is unabashedly about the shameless pursuit of pleasure. They love cinnamon and will do just about anything to get it. And, yes, this means they are a fun-loving bunch of cannibals!

One fun fact is that the kids who ate CINI MINIS 18 years ago when the cereal was launched in Europe, still eat CINI MINIS today, as twenty something years olds. Usually kids’ brands remain kids brands forever, but not CINI MINIS! The brand and the kids grew up together, into teen-agers and young adults. To keep the relationship tight, CINI MINIS wants to keep up the new conversations, the jokes and the pranks by actively encouraging, not only its shameless pursuit of cinnamon, but the shameless pursuit of pleasure into the lifestyle areas that older Gen Z has become passionate about. Can you help CINI MINIS extend the fun in its crazy, quirky signature style?  

Create crazy, quirky and distinctive social posts that help CINI MINIS fuel the shameless pursuit of pleasure in dancing, fashion and travel among fellow Gen Zs!


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