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Explain the benefits of Nasal Health products in a creative non-scientific way.

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Almost all of us experience some form of nasal symptom during the year. Stuffy and irritated nose impacts our breathing, hearing, sleeping, can be very troublesome and even socially embarrassing. In fact, stuffy nose is one of the most common human complaints in the modern life. Fortunately, there are various nasal health products available that can provide almost immediate long-lasting relief. Once we feel congestion or some type of nasal discomfort, we turn to them relying on the science and expertise. But we do not always know how these products work and whether they are indeed relevant to a certain nasal symptom we have. Most nasal symptom sufferers use pocket-size nasal sprays. For everyday hygiene, people resort to nasal washes (large-size bottles with a spray nozzle on top).

Nasal health brands have historically been old-fashioned and overly ‘scientific’ in how they explain the benefits of their various products and solutions. Most brands that operate within nasal health are like one another in the sort of benefits they offer. In fact, most brands look and feel the same to people, including how they tell their science stories.

Our sponsor, a consumer health company who makes nasal sprays, believes there should be a more creative and interesting way to show the nasal health symptoms and the way nasal products work so that consumers understand easily the science behind. We need your creativity to come up with analogies or metaphors that will explain this in a way that consumers will understand. Can you help?

Come up with a metaphor or analogy that explains in a simple, non-scientific and creative manner how your breathing can be impacted by the nasal health problems and demonstrate how nasal health products work to solve these problems.

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